Journal Papers


  • Physical Human Interactive Guidance: Identifying Grasping Principles From Human-Planned Grasps
    Ravi Balasubramanian, Ling Xu, Peter Brook, Joshua R. Smith, Yoky Matsuoka
    Published in IEEE Transactions on Robotics

  • A Side of Data with My Robot: Three Datasets for Mobile Manipulation in Human Environments
    Ciocarlie, Matei., Pantofaru, Caroline., Hsiao, Kaijen., Bradski, Gary., Brook, Peter, and Dreyfuss, Ethan
    Published in IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine, June 2011 link (pp 44-57) | citation

Conference and Workshop Papers


  • Biologically Inspired Grasp Planning Using Only Orthogonal Approach Angles
    Rombokas, E., Brook, P., Smith, J.R., Matsuoka, Y.
    Presented at BioRob 2012


  • Collaborative Grasp Planning with Multiple Object Representations
    Brook, Peter, Ciocarlie, Matei., and Hsiao, Kaijen
    Presented at ICRA 2011 Shanghai, China
    pdf | citation | slides | pptx

  • Bayesian Grasp Planning
    Hsiao, Kaijen., Ciocarlie, Matei., Brook, Peter
    Presented at ICRA 2011 Workshop on Mobile Manipulation: Integrating Perception and Manipulation


  • A Dataset for Grasping and Manipulation using ROS
    Ciocarlie, Matei., Bradski, Gary., Hsiao, Kaijen., and Brook, Peter
    Presented at IROS 2010 Workshop: RoboEarth - Towards a World Wide Web for Robots

  • Human-Guided Grasp Measures Improve Grasp Robustness on Physical Robot
    Ravi Balasubramanian, Ling Xu, Peter D. Brook, Joshua R. Smith, Yoky Matsuoka
    Presented at ICRA 2010 in Anchorage, Alaska, USA
    pdf | citation